Admissions Contact:  Telephone 01672 563228

Arranging A Visit

Parents interested in what St Francis School and/or Little Saints Nursery has to offer their child, should in the first instance arrange a visit. Please contact our Admissions Team to arrange a tour with the Headmaster or Nursery Manager or to find out when our next Open Morning takes place. Contact: or telephone 01672 563228. 


Pupils may join Little Saints Nursery at any stage from 6 weeks old and St Francis School at any stage from Reception through to Year 8 (the year in which a child becomes 13). Children of any faith and with a wide range of abilities are accepted. Once registered, children are invited to attend at least one taster session (for entry to Nursery) or one taster day (for Reception upwards).


1. Parents register their child by completing a registration form and submitting a £75 (unless free entitlement hours only, are accessed) non-returnable registration fee.
2. Once a place becomes available, a formal offer is made in writing (or reasons are provided as to why a place cannot be offered).
3. An Acceptance of Place form must be completed and a £500 confirmation fee paid to join the school from Reception upwards or £250 confirmation fee paid to join Little Saints Nursery (unless free entitlement hours only are accessed).  When children transition from Little Saints Nursery to St Francis School a further £250 confirmation fee will be required.  All confirmation fees are refundable when the child leaves the school.
4. A full term’s notice must be given in writing to the Headmaster if the child is to be withdrawn, or if an accepted place is not to be taken up. Failure to do this will result in a full term’s fees being charged in lieu of notice.

Taster Days and Sessions

The taster days and sessions are designed to allow both parties to assess whether St Francis offers an environment in which the child would prosper. Confidential reports from the child’s previous school may be requested. Any specific needs that are identified during the taster day or session will be discussed with the parents. Detailed assessments may take place at the discretion of the Headmaster. Whilst the admissions policy is designed to allow for a broad range of children with differing abilities to take advantage of the educational opportunities on offer at St Francis, the Headmaster retains the right to decline admission to pupils whom he considers to be unable to meet the academic or behavioural standards of the school, and where this could affect the education of other pupils.

Scholarships and Community Bursaries

Scholarship assessments which are held during the Spring Term each year, are available for both existing and new pupils entering Year 7 or Year 8 the following September. Parents are invited to apply for these awards in January, (providing that a place is available for external candidates). These awards are reviewed annually, and are dependent on a pupil achieving a consistently high standard of work and progress.  Community Bursaries are available for children throughout the school from the term after free entitlement finishes in Reception through to Year 8. Further details are available from the Bursar.

Once a Child Joins

Children joining the school are allocated to a particular class or form. All staff will endeavour to make new pupils welcome, and the class or form teacher will monitor this process. Where age appropriate, a ‘buddy’ is allocated to each new pupil to help with induction. This is particularly important when a pupil joins mid way through the academic year. The aim throughout is to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them settle in as part of the school community.