Kindling Forest School at St Francis School

At St Francis, we believe that all children should benefit from Forest School sessions. 

“Kindling Forest School is really fun!  It gives you an

opportunity to explore.  You get to do lots of activities and play in the forest.”

What is Forest School?

Forest School is a long-term approach to education, for children, young people, families and adults that maximises the benefits of learning in the outdoors. 

Whilst its roots are planted firmly in our best understanding of the theory of how children learn, its practice puts the learner at the heart of their learning experience. 

From this fundamental platform, Forest School offers children and young people the opportunity, over repeated visits, to engage with the rich natural diversity of the woodland environment to help build confidence, sensitivity, resilience and curiosity. An important aspect of the Forest Session is the process that the children go through when involved in an activity rather than what they create at the end.

Forest School is…

It is a learning process
It is long-term
It has high staffing ratios working with small groups of children/young people/families 
It takes place in the outdoors, particularly wooded environments 
It is lead by a qualified level 3 Forest School Leader, who works together with at least one other competent adult
It takes place on a weekly basis with the same learners attending the whole process 
It involves an understanding of how children learn and supports them to build confidence, resilience, independence and creativity 

“You will want to stay there for a hundred years.  It is beautiful, you

will want to live there with the falling leaves.”

Kindling Forest School Rules:

  • No wandering off, make sure you can see an adult
  • Climb no higher than an adult’s shoulder (young children).
  • Make sure you can get down if you are climbing trees (Older children).
  • Do not lick or pick anything – no fingers in your mouth
  • Care for our environment – pick up any litter or debris
  • Ask an adult to use any of the tools and follow the tool rules.

“Kindling Forest School is really cool! It helps you understand nature.  Sometimes you work in groups to do different activities; we made dens and wood cookies and did a scavenger hunt. “


“Kindling Forest School is so much fun, I didn’t want to leave. It was the best day ever!” 

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