Geography, History, Religious Studies and ICT

Humanities at St Francis is comprised of Geography, History, Religious Studies and Information & Communication Technology, which are taught on a carousel basis. Delivering these subjects in this way has a number of benefits:

Connected Learning

With cross-curricular themes across the four subjects, pupils are provided with more opportunity to learn Humanities in a connected way – rather than through separate lessons and this allows them to make stronger connections between elements of their learning.

Developing Skills

Pupils have more scope to utilise and develop their IT skills in practical situations, rather than being taught ICT as a separate entity.  Pupils will often be presented with an issue or question to investigate and research (online, in the library and at home), enabling them to prepare some form of poster, document or presentation (utilising their ICT skills where
possible) to present to a group.

Leadership, Collaboration, Independence, Initiative and Resilience

Upon completion of project work, pupils evaluate and assess their work collectively and look at opportunities for improvement, thereby utilising and developing their skills in leadership, collaboration, independence, initiative and resilience. We teach our pupils to expect to make mistakes in the midst of this process, in the knowledge that teacher input will assist their learning.