The following is a schedule of the school fees, which are effective from the Autumn Term 2020.
Please note that fees are due for payment on or before the first day of term.

1. There is a 5% discount on fees for a second child and subsequent children attending the school at
the same time. This discount does not apply to Learning Support charges.

2. A monthly surcharge of 2% will be charged for late payment.

3. A full term’s notice, in writing, is required for the removal of a pupil from the school. This must
be received by the school before the first day of the term to which it relates.  The notice is valid if it has
been acknowledged in writing by the Headmaster.


School Fees from Sept 2020

Per Term Year in Advance  


Reception* £2,400    £7,092  
Reception ** to Year 2 £3,135    £9,264  
Years 3 and 4 £4,105   £12,130  
Years 5 to 8 £4,715   £13,933  

Learning Support Charges from Sept 2020

One-to-one individual lessons***      
Each lesson is 30 minutes charged at £35.50 per lesson.      

* Discounted Reception Fee includes the 15 hours Universal Free Entitlement from Wiltshire Council. 
This is available to every child until the term after their fifth birthday.

** Reception Fee from the term after the child has had their fifth birthday.

*** All one-to-one Learning Support lessons are 30 minutes and will be provided for a minimum of 30 weeks
during an academic year, usually 12 in the Autumn term, 9 in the Spring term and 9 in the Summer Term.

Fees may be paid to the school by an annual lump sum in advance attracting a 1.5% discount. To be eligible for this discount, payment must be received by 1st September 2020. If you wish to pay by this method please contact the Bursar ( ) for further details.

September 2020