Frankie’s Farm

Frankie’s Farm started in August 2013 with 6 chickens in a chicken coop!  The idea was born from the Eco Committee who suggested we should be more self-sufficient with the food we eat (the eggs, not the chickens!).  They were such a hit, with all year groups, that it was agreed we should add more animals to the St Francis fold.  This has led to us now looking after a long list of animals all accommodated in Frankie’s Farm and managed by our caretaker Clive Hibberd.


We Have:

Two Pygmy goats called Hugo and Hamish:  Our goats were born on 18 December 2013 and arrived with us on 30 April 2014 from Devon. Hugo & Hamish are very tame and really miss the children in the school holidays.



Six ducks: The ducks arrived with us in the Summer of 2014. They are actually five ducks and one very lucky drake!  They are prolific egg layers with four laid every day.

Marcus Hopgood, a local carpenter designed and built our duck house. He donated this to the school so our thanks to Marcus for his generosity.


Duck House

Eleven hens:  We still have the original 6 hens, but hatched some of our own to add to the fold.  The last two to join the brood arrived with the ducks.  We couldn’t resist as they lay beautiful blue eggs!

St Francis School Hens

Also on site we have five breeding Welsh ewes, a Wiltshire Horn breeding ewe and several pet sheep – the children had fun naming these.



The children love lambing season and have plenty of opportunity to get involved.  They can all hold hour old lambs and bottle feed any that need a little extra tlc.   The children also have the opportunity to see the sheep being sheared in June each year.