Ethos & Aims

St Francis School provides an education in the context of Christian values, which develops and stimulates the ‘whole child’ and which enables pupils to grow in confidence and capability so that they are well equipped to manage the challenges and opportunities of the wider community.

  • To provide a stimulating and wide ranging curriculum which prepares pupils academically for their future education and allows them to enjoy learning and to achieve their potential.
  •  To develop confident, self-disciplined and inquiring learners, able to make informed choices and to communicate effectively.
  •  To offer a breadth of personal development through extra-curricular activities which aim to nurture talent and encourage achievement in the Performing Arts, Sport and the Creative Arts.
  •  To foster high standards of behaviour, good manners, courtesy and respect; encourage consideration for and appreciation and understanding of others, both within and outside the school community.
  •  To provide a safe, secure, caring and healthy environment in which pupils build positive relationships with those around them and make a positive contribution to the community.
  •  To provide opportunities for pupils to live out the school’s values, which are based on Christian principles, and adopt them as values for life.
  •  To offer equal opportunities for pupils to develop their particular strengths regardless of ability, gender, race, nationality or creed.

Staff provide highly effective support and guidance for pupils in accordance with the school’s aims, contributing to excellent personal development.

ISI Inspection Report November 2013

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