ISI Inspection Reports

PLEASE SEE THE SIDE BAR ON THE RIGHT OF THIS PAGE TO VIEW THE MOST RECENT INSPECTION REPORTS. The reports are also available electronically on the ISI website and in paper form, on request, from the school.

St Francis School is subject to regular inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

The report on the October 2013 inspection covers all areas of the school provision; the most recent report on the inspection in December 2017 only focuses on the school’s compliance against the Independent School Standards Regulations (ISSRs) and the statutory framework for Early Years Foundation Stage.

As you will see, the October 2013 report (our most recent full inspection) is full of ‘excellent’ grades. An outstanding eight out of the nine areas under assessment were considered by the inspection team to be the highest grade of ‘excellent’. The ninth area was considered ‘good’ with one aspect of this area being graded ‘outstanding’.

The report speaks for itself:

‘The quality of pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent.’

‘The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision is excellent.’

‘The quality of teaching is excellent. The high quality of teaching enables pupils to progress well and achieve excellent standards.’

‘The quality of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils is excellent.’

‘Staff provide highly effective support and guidance for pupils in accordance with the school’s aims, contributing to excellent personal development.’

‘The contribution of the arrangements for welfare, health and safety is excellent.’

‘The quality of governance is excellent.’

‘Leaders at all levels give excellent direction to the school, enabling it to meet its aims very successfully.’

‘Links with parents, carers and guardians are excellent. Communication with parents is very strong and they are welcomed to a wide variety of school events.’

And finally, regarding the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception):

‘Just as the main school has improved since the previous inspection, so has the EYFS. Its overall quality and standards are now good, and it makes an excellent contribution to children’s well-being.’

All quotations © ISI 2013.

The report on the December 2017 Regulatory Compliance Inspection assessed the school in eight parts, further divided into 34 area, covering a total of 493 regulations. Compliance inspection reports do not give any information about the quality of education offered by a school and only record whether schools have met the regulations.  There are no qualitative judgements in the report; rather each of the 34 areas is judged as ‘met’ or ‘not met’. Schools have been advised that Compliance Inspections are similar to an MOT and that they enable the school to identify and rectify any area in which improvement is required.  The school was judged to have ‘met’ the standards in 30 of the areas of assessment, with four action points being provided for the remaining four areas.

The governors and senior management team are very pleased with the positive feedback which was received from the inspectors during their most recent visit. They are very confident that measures have already been put in place in response to the action points provided in the report.