Foundation Skills

English underpins just about every aspect of the curriculum at St Francis.  Therefore, the department believes that the following are absolutely vital: to communicate effectively; to read and understand; to write clearly and expressively; and to have a love of language and literature.

Specific Skills

Reading, handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation skills are regularly reinforced, and the pupils have ample opportunities to analyse a variety of poetry, prose and plays to widen their experience of different forms and genres of writing.

Public Speaking

Our involvement in the English Speaking Board’s programme and our Reading Aloud Competition mean that our children are actively encouraged to speak with confidence and clarity in public, to listen to others and be able to articulate opinions.

English Speaking Board : Guidance Pack>>

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“Pupils display excellent skills of speaking and listening. They are attentive and thoughtful, ask pertinent questions in class, and are always ready to offer their views and opinions, expressing them clearly and persuasively.

They are able to read and write fluently for a variety of purposes; consuming novels for enjoyment.

Pupils are able to write coherently at length as they produce imaginative stories or accurate factual accounts.”


 ISI Report, November 2013