Encouraging Independence, Responsibility and Leadership

The vast majority of maths lessons are taught in the mornings, some lessons are taught in our dedicated ICT suite. From Reception to Year 3, maths is taught in class groups; from Years 4 to 8, pupils are taught in ability sets by our dedicated and experienced maths teachers.  We utilise online activities from ‘Mangahigh’ in lessons, as homework and as revision activities.

The core of our maths teaching is to develop a ‘toolbox’ of key skills for each pupil and then to encourage the pupils to have a go, be creative and learn from mistakes as they use their initiative to use and apply the correct ‘tools’ from their ‘toolbox’ to a given situation. This is about learning how to learn and not just teaching to the test, so that pupils can develop real life skills.

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Pupils will ask questions, set their targets and evaluate their progress independently and in collaboration with others utilising leadership, resilience and attention to detail.  Balanced with learning skills is the need to practise. Practise is required in order to develop long term memory rather than a reliance upon working memory.  We deliberately do not do ‘mental maths tests’ as these discriminate against those with working memory or processing difficulties and do not develop long term memory.

Mathematical Challenges

Our pupils are given plenty of opportunities to test their mathematical skills in events such as The National Primary Maths Challenge and the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. We also grasp every opportunity for our older pupils to work together with Pre-Prep classes and have regular competitions across the year groups in Travancore.

Schemes of work which embrace the new National Curriculum and work towards ISEB Common Entrance

Our mathematics programmes of study incorporate content and skills and we use a wide variety of teaching techniques and resources to ensure that every ability level is catered for. We firmly believe in giving each child the opportunity to tackle really challenging maths activities!

We aim for most pupils in a year group to be working one year ahead of National Curriculum expectations but will differentiate by up to two years, either side of this, as suits the individuals. Thus our top Year 6s are examined at 13+ level and Year 7s and 8s work towards Level 3 and scholarship at 13+ Common Entrance.

Senior School Preparation

We offer comprehensive preparation for those pupils who are aiming to gain 11+ or 13+ entry to selective schools. Strong links with senior schools, both independent and state, ensure that our pupils are equipped with the knowledge, attitude and skills required to take their mathematical studies to the next level when they graduate from St Francis School.