Music for Everyone

At St Francis School pupils from Nursery through to Year 8 receive classroom music lessons from specialist teachers. The curriculum is tailored to enable pupils to develop a range of skills in performing, composing and appraising. Lessons focus upon a wide range of topics including music theory, world music, history of music, ensemble performance and choral performance.

 Performing and Composing

Pupils are encouraged to explore musical styles by composing and arranging their own music on a range of instruments, including tuned and un-tuned percussion, keyboards and their own instruments. By giving pupils regular opportunities to perform to their peers and the local community, pupils grow in both confidence and courage whilst further developing their musicianship and presentation skills.

Composer of the Week

Every week we focus upon a new composer at St Francis School. Pupils are exposed to music created by the composer during assemblies and lessons throughout the week. This initiative is designed to expand the pupils listening repertoire and develop their appraising skills.

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