Taking a Practical Approach

Our philosophy regarding science is ‘to learn by doing’ because we know that if an activity is fun, it will be remembered. Throughout their years at the school pupils may find themselves doing a whole range of practical work from melting lead and mothballs to making a working model of the human digestive system.

Learning in the Lab

This outlook is initiated by classroom teachers in the earlier years and by specialist science teachers from Year 3 upwards. From Year 4 the pupils use the fully-equipped science laboratory and by Year 5 they are ready to use Bunsen Burners independently to test their capabilities in practical work.

Science outside the Classroom

The science syllabus is vast, yet the three areas of biology, chemistry and physics are fully explored. In addition to the action in the laboratory, exciting and stimulating opportunities are organised outside the classroom. As well as using our own extensive grounds, we also involve our pupils in events such as the annual Marlborough College Chemistry Lecture where a recent topic on the history of poisoning was of great interest to our young scientists.