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You may well wonder what ‘LAMDA’ is about!

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom. LAMDA began offering speech examinations to the public in the 1880s.  Since then, these examinations have been refined and developed into a comprehensive system of performance evaluation by experts in education, acting and communication.

LAMDA FEES 2022/23 – Invoiced termly retrospectively
£12.50 per child (for pairs) per 25 mins  
£25.00 per child (for an individual lesson) per 25 mins 

At St Francis School we offer peripatetic Speech and Drama lessons (referred to as LAMDA) to pupils from Year 4.  Pupils in the senior years (Years 7 and 8) have a 25-minute lesson once a week and pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 have one double lesson (50 minutes) on a fortnightly basis.  Pupils will have approximately 30 lessons a year (or 15 double lessons where applicable). We aim to enter each pupil into one Acting examination each year which is normally taken in the Summer Term. Examination fees can be found on LAMDA’s website:

Lessons are taught during the school day and, where possible, are provided on a rotating timetable, however, priority times during break time, lunchtime and assembly time are offered to pupils in the senior years (Years 7 and 8). We ask that you allow some flexibility with timetabling as many pupils have other out of lesson commitments (Music, Learning Support etc.).  

Please note that in line with school policy, a full term’s notice (or a full term’s fees in lieu of notice) must be provided if a pupil wishes to discontinue lessons or if they are leaving the school.  For new pupils, the notice period is waived to a half term for the first term. 

Most LAMDA teaching at St Francis happens with pairs of students. Partnerships are selected carefully in order to create confident working relationships where children are able to complement each other’s strengths.  From time to time, we understand that children may fall out with one another or feel less enthusiastic about sharing a lesson together.  In order to maintain good working relationships, it is important that good communication is always a priority between parents, LAMDA teachers, Form Teachers/Tutors and children. Learning to work productively together is one of the core social skills that LAMDA tuition is able to nurture.

We feel it is important that pupils are given the opportunity to perform their LAMDA pieces to an audience. In light of this, we arrange Drama Festivals throughout the year where friends and family are welcome to attend and watch the children perform.  This year we also plan to enter children into the Mid Somerset Festival. Further details on this festival can be found at:

Contact: Please contact Abigail (Abby) Bracken at or call the School Office should you wish to discuss any matters relating to LAMDA.