A Record-Breaking Sports Day for St Francis

Despite a delay imposed by COVID restrictions, and of course the British elements (which ensured everything from sunshine to sideways rain), pupils and parents turned out en masse. 


Pupils enjoyed a variety of track and field activities, with the real focus “opportunity for all”, and the community spirit in full view for all to see. Perhaps buoyed by the novelty of being able to hold a Sports day after a year of so many cancellations, it was agreed that pupils were on top form! 


Pupils Anna, Will and Florence will ultimately go down in St Francis School history; managing to break existing school records – some of which were more than 14 years old. 


David Sibson, Headmaster at St Francis, added “It was wonderful to see so many parents turn out to support our pupils, who evidently enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate their prowess and test their strength. Ultimately though, what was evident throughout the day was the real sense of community – from older pupils running alongside younger pupils in encouragement, to parents enjoying the opportunity to (socially-distanced) chat with their year group bubble face-to-face. Congratulations must go to all those pupils who broke records, and won races, but thanks should also be given to all those who made this Sports Day so memorably enjoyable.”