Fabulous Feedback Friday

Year 3 pupils are enjoying the recently introduced ‘Feedback Friday’, which is their chance to reflect on their learning for the week.

Every Friday pupils from 3C and 3H complete two cards which are displayed on their Form wall until the following Friday. The children have complete ownership over what they write, but are asked to think about one thing that has gone well and one thing they could improve/focus on for next week.

As well as finding the process fun, Feedback Friday has helped pupils to be more confident in target setting and talking about their strengths.

Year 3’s feedback on  Feedback Friday:

“It is nice for other people to know what other people are doing.”- Georgia 

“It is helping me because it tells me what I need to work on and it is fun to do.” – Emily 

“Feedback Friday is good to find things to work on.” – Rory

I think it is a good way for the teacher to know what they can help you with.” – Emily 

“Feedback Friday is a board that you write 2 things about your week. For an example, for the green card, you would put something like, I need to work on my English and for the pink cad; you could put something like, I am proud of my maths.” – Oscar

“I think feedback Friday is great because you can know what people need to work on.” – Annabel