IAPS Fencing Championships and Pinewood Match Report

Congratulations to Ella-Marie (U11 foil) for reaching the semi-finals in this year’s National IAPS Fencing Championships.  She fenced incredibly well all day, varying her tactics beautifully and making it incredibly hard for all her opponents.  She missed out on the final by one hit – losing 15-14.  Nevertheless a great result.  In the epee Katrina finished 5th – she fenced well and picked off opponents using distance and making them miss.  She was unfortunate not to make it into the semi-finals.


Pinewood away

Our match came late this term as St Francis travelled to Pinewood.  Squad Captains Jamie and Adam did an excellent job, gathering fencers together, mentoring and encouraging them throughout the afternoon.

Milan led our first team fencers in an enthralling contest which they drew 6-6.  A special mention for Fintan and Milan who both had a flawless performance on the day winning all their bouts.  Max and Teddy came close with all their bouts and I was most impressed with their positivity in attack which was very encouraging and I look forward to seeing improvements as they continue to learn.

Our B Team lost 7-5 with Ellie as team captain.  She won all her matches using beat attacks to devastating effect as opponents weren’t sure what hit them.  More tentative displays by Leela and Aaron saw them come away with one victory each.  Both also came within a point of victory in their other bouts but they weren’t quite able to score the win.  This will come in time and with more practice.

Thank you to Adam and Jamie who came over to fenced against two Pinewood Year 7’s winning one and losing the other.