LAMDA success for St Francis

It’s been a dramatic start to the term at St Francis, Pewsey with a bumper crop of exceptional LAMDA results. 


Despite COVID restrictions requiring many of the LAMDA lessons to take place online, and the fact that the exams took place the same week that many of the students were also taking part in the summer production of The Pied Piper of Hamlin, the results were phenomenal. 


Of the pupils who took their exams at the end of the Summer Term, 27 achieved Distinctions and 23 Merits across the Grade 1-5 assessments. Pupils demonstrated their in-depth knowledge of the characters, staging and costumes required to act the monologues and duologues they performed. 


Abby Bracken, Head of Drama at St Francis was effusive about her students “Both of the LAMDA examiners spoke to me after the exams to explain how wonderful they found our pupils; noting in particular how mature and friendly they are. It is clear from the results we achieved that we can also add “talented” to that list! I am so proud of all the students, and their results.”


David Sibson, Headmaster at St Francis added “Whilst lockdown took a toll on education as a whole, it could be argued that the Creative Arts were amongst those subjects worst affected. These pupils’ LAMDA results, which are impressive at the best of times, are all the more so for the adverse conditions they prepared in. Drama is not just a creative outlet, but also prepared pupils for later life – improving their memory, increasing confidence, and broadening their cultural awareness; skills which are all assets in the modern world.”