St Francis School and The Pewsey Bee Project

The Dale family and the Skordis family, joined St Francis’ Eco Committee staff and the dedicated members of the Pewsey Bee Project recently, to help to create an eco-system for our residential bees.

Our bees emerged sleepily  from their hive to witness our working party plant a very long row of ‘whip plants’ including hazel, elder, hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose and crab apple, (all donated by IKEA, through The Woodland Trust). These plants will eventually grow into a hedgerow to ensure the bees survival and to enable them to produce lots of tasty honey. 

The next job of the day was to herd the sheep from Frankie’s Farm back into their field, from where they had escaped, to protect our prize plants.

Chris Body (one of our Peripatetic Music Teachers) who is part of the Pewsey Bee Project also came in to school with fellow member Sylvie Clayden,  to share their expertise about bees and bee keeping.  Sylvie wore her protective bee suit which was of great interest to the children!

The children learned about :

The importance of bees in our society

The life cycle of a bee

The structure of a hive

The variety of bees and their role, within a hive

The products that bees produce

Thank you to our supportive families for their enthusiasm and help and thank you to Chris Body and all at the Pewsey Bee Project!