St Francis Pupils are Away with the Fairies!

Senior Prep Pupils at St Francis School, Pewsey, celebrated the end of term by treating a captive audience of parents to a fantastic rendition of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. 

Attendees enjoyed an outdoor retelling of The Bard’s famous play, with a modern twist. The Mechanicals wore high vis, Titania sported trainers, and Bottom was, well, still Bottom – resplendent in donkey attire. Using the School’s onsite “fortress” playground as a set (masterfully transformed by the Friends of St Francis) the players fell in love, duelled, and eventually “woke” from their dream. It’s fair to say that the audience were as enchanted as the characters. 

David Sibson, Headmaster at St Francis said “We are exceptionally proud of this cohort of pupils; not only have they spent the final 15 months of their prep school education dealing with unprecedented circumstances, but they have done so with grace and resilience. The performance was certainly memorable, but felt even more special in light of the restrictions we have been operating under.”