St Francis Celebrates World Kindness Day

St Francis celebrated #WorldKindnessDay this Friday (a day early), an initiative founded over 30 years ago to bring the world together and celebrate kindness.
Pre-Prep started the day with a Praise Assembly; highlighting all the kind things pupils had done this week. Lots of pupils had shown brilliant friendship skills by holding open doors, and playing with other people who may have been struggling at break. Some students were brought to the front to talk about their especially kind activities, including Year 2 pupil Elodie who has recently been awarded her Gold Rainbow Badge!
Mandy Pilgrim, Head of Pre-Prep at St Francis explained “At St Francis we value what we call our CLICK skills – these stand for Collaboration, Leadership, Independence, Challenge and Kindness, so we could not miss an opportunity to celebrate World Kindness Day. Our pupils are overwhelmingly kind as a rule, but this week we have been giving bonus house points for those who show kindness to the community as a way of showing how much we value this as a characteristic.”
Pupils have been set a Kindness Challenge, where they have to demonstrate kindness in all aspects of the school. Year 2 pupils Everett and Thomas took the challenge to heart by setting up a toy donation box for their peers, with the intention of selling the unwanted toys to raise money for their sister school St Michaels’ in Uganda.
David Sibson, Headmaster at St Francis enthused “Our pupils are incredibly civic-minded as a rule, but this day dedicated to kindness allows us to focus on how we can help members of the community both the School, and wider afield. As ever, I am humbled by the actions of our pupils in their determination to make a positive change.”