New Little Saints Nursery for 0 to 4 year olds – 51 weeks a year!

Little Saints Nursery : A zest for life and learning

We have some exciting new plans for Little Saints Nursery having recently begun construction of our new single storey Nursery.  

The new purpose built Nursery will enable us to extend our age range and opening times, and offer outstanding care for babies and children from 0-4 years for 51 weeks a year. 

Until our new Nursery opens in September 2017,  we will continue to welcome pupils from the age of two into Acorns, our Junior Nursery class. In the academic year before they enter Reception, pupils move into Saplings, our Senior Nursery class.

Little Saints Nursery is currently located in and around Haybrook House, both in the main building and in a classroom specifically set up to cater for the needs of our younger pupils. The children have their own play area, although they sometimes join with the Reception and older pupils in the Garden playground.

Little Saints Nursery is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 3.30pm, with the option to extend hours using our Care Club before school from 7.45am and after school until 6.00pm.

Children have a more structured learning time in their morning sessions (phonics and numbers), with free play, art, and cookery activities in the afternoon. French, Music and PE (taught by specialists) are also included in the curriculum for Little Saints children, depending on the sessions attended.

     Children are born with a zest for knowledge and learning – they thrive on exploration,
creativity and fun

Rachel Ashman – Head of EYFS




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