A day in Acorns and Saplings


Each day Acorns and Saplings follow a structured pattern that incorporates a mixture of both adult-led and child-initiated activities.  We follow the Development Matters curriculum, with an emphasis on children developing skills, knowledge and understanding across the Seven Areas of Learning and the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

No two days are ever the same as a consequence of the staff being responsive to the interests of the children.  One day might involve building roads and bridges for vehicles using the planks and tyres; the next day we might be digging for mini-beasts; the third day could involve turning our home corner into a Chinese restaurant!

Whether learning and play is taking place indoors or out, we aim to involve the interests and aptitudes of all of our children.  We believe wholeheartedly that each child is unique.

Careful observation of each of our children, combined with effective planning, allows us to provide the very best environment that will allow each individual to thrive.