Friday Messages – 6 November 2020 

Dear Parents,

I hope that the half term holiday was enjoyable for all. Everyone seems to have returned refreshed and ready for the next stage of the term. 

It was certainly fun to see all the creativity reflected in the Freaky Freestyle Friday outfits and hairstyles on display today. Monies raised will be going towards our next major fundraising target which is the multi-sports surface for football, hockey, netball and tennis. Thank you for your donations, and thank you to the Friends of St Francis for organising today’s event.

With the government’s new national restrictions coming into force from yesterday, schools have until Monday to study the specific advice and act upon them. I am delighted to report that our preparation and planning undertaken for the start of this term complies in by far the majority of aspects with the revised guidance, but we will be making some very minor changes to ensure our school site, pupils and staff remain as safe and as healthy as possible. Final details will be provided by Monday morning at the latest.

Next Week

Tuesday 10 November:            Year 4 and Form 5H Parent Teacher Consultations

Wednesday 11 November:      Year 4 and Form 5F Parent Teacher Consultations

Thursday 12 November:           Form 5F Parent Teacher Consultations

Friday 13 November:                 Children in Need ‘Wear Something Yellow Day’

Reminder: Parent Consultations for Year 4 and Year 5

A reminder to parents of pupils in Years 4 and 5 of the parent teacher consultations taking place next week.  Hopefully you have all made your virtual appointments.


Please could parents of pupils in Years 3 to 8 ensure their child’s pencil case still contains the required equipment as detailed on the attached Stationery List. There are a number of pupils who have run out of glue or who are missing rulers and pencils. Please remember to ensure all items are clearly labelled. Pupils will not be able to borrow items from school.


Mr Brown (Director of Sport) asks that, from next week, Year 4 boys will need mouth guards for hockey and Year 3 boys will need them as of Week 12 for hockey.

This has come about because of a revised plan for sports lessons in the second half of term which limits the possible transmission of infection by groups being organised by single year groups rather than by their current dual year group bubbles.

If, due to the current COVID restrictions, there are any who are delayed in having them, as they need to be ordered online we are sympathetic to this and we will take temporary precautions to allow them to participate in a safe way. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding of this important way in which we can keep our pupils safe when playing sport.  No mouthguards are needed for rugby at this time because training is non-contact.

Children in Need ‘Wear Something Yellow Day’

Over the course of next week we are promoting the Five to Thrive activities (see the attached letter referring to the BBC Children In Need) in our lessons but on Friday 13th November we would like to celebrate BBC Children in Need day by wearing something yellow. Find those Pudsey ears or your finest yellow outfit to show your support! Please see the attached information sheet for more details.


1.      (For Years 3 to 8) Stationery List reminder

2.      (For All) Information sheet about Friday’s ‘Wear Something Yellow Day’

And finally 

Wishing you all a very restful and relaxing weekend. 

Yours sincerely,

David Sibson