Our Philosophy for Active Learning through Play

Within our EYFS at St Francis School we recognise that our young children learn best through being active. At its most effective, active learning involves other people, objects, ideas and events that engage and involve our children for sustained periods. Therefore, we believe that Early Years education should always be as practical as possible and our EYFS has a clear ethos of learning through play. Children’s play is an essential and rich part of their learning process, supporting them in all areas of development. Play is a powerful motivator, encouraging children to be creative and to develop their ideas, understanding and language. It is flexible, can be led by children themselves and is naturally differentiated to meet their preferred learning style and level of development. Play provides multiple ways for children to learn a variety of skills and concepts.

In the EYFS at St Francis School, our enthusiastic and experienced practitioners provide both structured and unstructured play opportunities, both inside and outside. These play opportunities are clearly linked to the outcomes of the EYFS curriculum and are designed to engage our children in practical, first-hand experiences which support them to discover, explore, investigate, develop their personal interests and areas of curiosity, and help to make sense of the world around them as they begin to understand specific concepts. Play opportunities are also provided to allow our children the opportunities to apply newly acquired knowledge, demonstrate their skills and enhance their levels of understanding.