Staff may be contacted via e-mail using the system:
Full surname followed by first name initial, then 
e.g. A Teacher –

Senior Leadership Team

Mr David Lee BA, MA. PGC(Special Education), QTS
Mrs Rosanna Brodie BSc (Hons) FCA, Clerk to the Governors
Mr Jonty Butler BSc QTS, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Humanities Co-ordinator (Years 5 to 8), Year 7/8 Tutor
Mrs Virginia Neal BSc (Hons) PGCE, Head of Maths and Science 
Mrs Amanda Pilgrim BA Hons PGCE, Year 1 Class Teacher
Mrs Antonia Mahon, NNEB – Norland Dip

Teaching Staff

Mrs Rachel Ashman
BSc Hons PGCE EYPS PGCEY, Reception Teacher & EYFS Co-ordinator
Mrs Donna Belsey 
NVQ3, PE & Sports Coach, Swim Squad Co-ordinator
Mrs Ginny Bond
 BA Hons, SPLD Cert,  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Abby Bracken
BA Hons PGCE, Head of Drama & LAMDA
Mr Kevan Brown BA Hons BTEC QTS FIOS, Director of Sport, Maths, IT, Year 6 Tutor
Mrs Marisa Cordery
BA Hons, Teaching Assistant
Miss Felicity Couse 
BA Hons PGCE EYPS,  Year 2 Class Teacher, Forest School Leader, Humanities Co-ordinator (Rec to Year 4)
Miss Samantha Davey, Year 4 Tutor
Mr Jake Dixon, Gap Assistant
Mrs Liz Elvins BSc Hons PGCE Dip SpLD, Learning Support Teacher
Miss Rachel Fisher BA Hons PGCE, Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs Kay Francis BEd Hons, Director of Music
Mrs Katy Hawkins,
BA Hons PGCE, Year 5 Tutor
Mrs Jo Martin BA Hons PGCE, English, Maths

Mrs Serena McGivern, BA, PGCE, Level 5 DipDSpLD, Learning Support Teacher
Mrs Sandra Parish BA Hons PGCE, Head of Modern Languages
Mrs Jo Parkes 
MA BEd Hons, Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator, Head of Art & DT, Year 6 Tutor
Mrs Arabella Parton, BA (QTS) Year 5 Tutor 
Mr Zach Pettifer, Gap Assistant
Mrs Amelia Shaw BEd Hons, Learning Support Assistant
Mr Paul Spencer
 BA (Hons), PGCE, Head of English, Year 5 Tutor
Mrs Melanie Theobald NVQ3, Teaching Assistant
Ms Rose Tomlin BSc, MA, GCE, QTS, Head of Learning Support
Mrs Holly Van Lochem 
BA (Hons), PGCE, Sports Coach
Mrs Iona Wigg
MA (Hons), PGCE, French Teacher (Pre-Prep and Nursery)

Little Saints Nursery Staff

Mrs Tracey Adams, EYP
Miss Jessica Andrews Level 3 Diploma, EYP
Mrs Emma Burnet NNEBNorland Dip, EYP 
Mrs Holly Hillier, EYP
Ms Michelle Hughes
 BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, Assistant Room Leader of Pre-School Room
Ms Amelia Hyde, EYP
Mrs Nikki Kimber
Level 5 Diploma, Deputy Nursery Manager, Room Leader Acorns, Nursery DSL
Miss India Kirby
Level 3 Diploma, Room Leader Little Buds
Miss Amber Lester, Gap Assistant
Mr Kieran Maidment
Level 3 Diploma, EYP
Miss Hattie Martin, Nursery Assistant
Mrs Amy Patten, EYP
Mrs Sarah Stringer NVQ3, EYP 
Mrs Beth Taylor, Nursery Assistant
Mrs Holly Van Lochem BA (Hons), PGCE, EYP, Outdoor Learning
Mrs Trudi Young NVQ 3, EYP


Administrative Staff

Mr Allan MatthewsICT Network Manager
Mrs Danita Peacock, Headmaster’s PA
Mrs Katie Kornicka, School Secretary
Mrs Charlotte Mercer BA, Nursery Administrator
Mark Piper – Interim Bursar Designate
Miss Caroline Stanley, Marketing & Admissions Manager
Mrs Julie Thomas, HR Manager
Mrs Sarah Thorneycroft, MSc, BSc (Hons), Nursery Administrator


Support Staff

Miss Lucy Baish, Catering Department
Mrs Audrey Burch, Catering Department 
Ms Karen Evans, Kitchen Assistant
Mr Clive Hibberd,
 General Caretaker and Minibus Driver
Mrs Melanie Lane, Domestic Staff
Miss Fiona Rawson, Catering Department
Mrs Sue Sands,
 Domestic Staff
Mr Adam Stephens, Estate Manager
Mr Trevor Wilson, Premises and Groundskeeper
Mrs Tracey Wood, Catering Department 

Visiting Staff

Miss Rosemary Burn MA LTCL, Piano
Mr Neil Bromley, Fencing Coach

Mrs Diane Charlesworth AGSM FISM, Singing
Mr Tim Crouter BA Band Studies, Brass
Mrs Elizabeth Fowler GMus(Hons) RNCM, Strings
Mr Mark Fricker, Judo Coach
Mr Sam Goffen, Guitar & Drums

Mr Jon Gregory, Tennis Coach
Mrs Susie Hutchison
ARCM Dip.RCM, Flute
Ms Emily Isaac-Johnson
BMus (Hons) LGSM, Cello
Mrs Neeka Millward
BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling, BACP,  School Counsellor
Mrs Helen Pysanczyn
FTCL BA (Hons) PGCE, Clarinet, Recorder and Saxophone
Mrs Sarah Sainsbury
BEd (Hons), Piano
Mrs Rachel Smith
MSc BSc Hons DipCCS Cert MRCSLT MASLTIPSpeech & Language Therapist
Mrs Judy Weeks
Mr Martin Wright, Tennis Coach