Click Fortnight  – Team Building Activities included

Madagascar Rescue
Based outside, pupils pretended to have crash landed in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. Students were in 2 teams of 8, floating a on a raft in the Indian Ocean (standing on tent groundsheet) and surrounded by crash victims swimming in the sea (Teddy bears and other cuddly toys). 

The team challenge involved turning the raft over without stepping in the sea. When the raft was turned over the students were given stepping stones (cardboard) to rescue 10  people (teddies) from the sea.

The winning team were the fist team to be sat back down in their raft having rescued 10 people from the sea.

The pupils had great fun and enjoyed using collaborative working skills and reflection time at the end of the activity.

Capture the Flag
Pupils were divided into mixed age teams and given ‘a territory’ to defend and within which, they had to hide three coloured spots. Teams had to try and invade each others territory and steal spots!  Teams had to organise themselves into invaders, to attack and defenders, to guard their base.

If all spots  were captured, you had ‘captured the flag’. 

One pupil said of Capture the Flag ‘Today was so good, thank you to the teachers’

Rocket Building & Launching
A very exciting and explosive session led by Head of Physics at Marlborough College, Chris Wheatland.  Working in teams, pupils designed and launched their own rockets which took off with such speed it was impossible to get a photograph of lift off!

Scarecrow Creation
Children worked in groups of 5/6 pupils of mixed ages from Years 3 – 6

Each group was given an A frame, a bag of clothes and all the bits to make a scarecrow, including of course a bale of hay!

Groups had to name their Scarecrow, design a label and then present it for judging.  The three winning scarecrows were chosen by Mr Sibson and awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold.  The Scarecrows have been displayed on the school grounds (mistaken for Grandparents on Grandparent Day!).  They will re-appear then disappear on November 5th!

Raising the Baa

Year 6 were the lucky Year group to make an afternoon visit to Waves Training Solutions for ‘Raising the Baa’ . This was a unique opportunity to put teamwork into practice…students worked together in a very large field, to herd sheep into a very small pen.  Something that seemed like an impossible task to begin with!